Cuddle Tubes Rock! And Swing!!

DSCF0190 Just like their nests in the wild would!  “Cuddle Tubes” are the perfect addition to any large cage.  Giving your bird their very own bedroom, with plenty of cuddly fleece to cuddle in. “Cuddle Tubes” offer comfort, privacy, security and Fun! 

                As seen in Bird Talk!

“Cuddle Tubes” look great in their cages!  There fun to swing on,  sleep or hide in, and, even sneak a treat or two in for later.  Bird experts agree that birds should have the option to get away from the stresses of everyday life,  you know the vacuum cleaner, the t.v., ringing phones, screaming kids, the evil squirrel outside, barking dogs, etc. etc..  These great parrot beds are the only one of their kind,  geared toward the larger breeds of parrots,  something that has been overlooked till now.  “Cuddle Tubes” were designed for comfort, and contour to your bird!  Completely non-toxic for the parrots that love to redecorate!

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